Study Abroad

Universities in the United Kingdom (UK) have an unchallenged reputation for educational quality and excellence with hundreds of different courses available for students, undeniably being a model destination for many years for over a million international students from all over the world.

Why Study in UK

  • Affordable Education
  • Internationally Recognized Courses & Qualifications
  • Innovative and Abundant Research Opportunities
  • Healthy and Safe Communities
  • Scholarships and Financial Support
  • Multicultural Nation
  • Motherland and obviously the best place to study and learn English
  • Choose from over 50,000 courses
  • Shorter courses which effects in a reduction in tuition fees and accommodation costs
  • Possible to work part time while you study
  • Post Study Work visa – 2 years

Intakes in the UK

The new academic year starts in the UK from September. Universities and Colleges in the UK have 3 main intakes and some of them may also refer to intake as a term.

The 3 intakes available in the UK are:
Intake 1: It commences in September to December and it’s the major intake.
Intake 2: It commences in January to April intake is also available.
Intake 3: It commences in April to June and is available for selected Courses.

Student Applicant

  • Students must be crossed 18 years of age
  • As an international student who has to acquire a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree course at University are allowed to work 20 hours a week and full time during holidays.
  • Specific breaks and holidays are clarified for the academics year by all educational institutions. During this time ,the student is allowed to work full time.